Milos Water Sports

Canoe - Kayak

Due to its volcanic composition, Milos has impressive coastlines, sea caves and tunnels that are worth visiting. Simultaneously, its waters are clear, the beaches are amazing and the neighboring deserted islands are perfect for exploration. Doing sea-kayak you can relax on the Melian deserted beaches, wander in the neighboring islands and have fun rowing. From April to October daily guided trips with canoe-kayak are offered as well as visits to the neighboring islands that last many days combined with camping for the lovers of adventure.

Windsurfing - Kitesurfing

The ideal weather conditions in Milos and the island’s unique waters make it the perfect destination for amateurs and experts in windsurfing and kitesurfing. The natural bay of the island provides maximum safety. We recommend you choose the beaches of Axivadolimni and Papikinos in order to enjoy the sense of freedom in your windsurfing, or to simply ‘’fly’’ on the green-blue waters.

More information at Milos Windsurfers

Sea Excursions

The island’s sailing round by boat or by yacht is a unique experience you must have while visiting Milos. With the sea trips you have the chance to visit the beaches which are not accessible from land (the famous “Meteora Rocks of the Sea” or Kleftiko, the emerald-colored Sykia cave, Glaronisia and many more other beaches), to swim into the crystal clear waters of also inaccessible magic beaches, to admire the island’s mineral wealth, to explore the secrete caves or to visit the neighboring islands. There are plenty of boats, caiques and yachts suitable for sea trips and you have the luxury to choose the one you prefer according to your needs and mood. Most of the vessels depart daily from the jetty of Adamantas port. Some of these go on a sailing tour around the entire island visiting also the neighboring island of Kimolos, whereas most of the yachts go to a few beaches, but then there is more free time for swimming and taking photos and usually during these tours, meals are offered. Moreover, besides Adamantas, caiques depart also from the beach of Kipos to Kleftiko, caiques depart from Pollonia to Kimolos, the cave of Papafragas and Glaronisia.


Yachting is the perfect way to discover the hidden beauties of Milos because in this way you can go to wonderful bays and secret beaches, enjoying your holiday freely and autonomously.
Moreover, because Milos is within a short distance from the rest of the Cyclades, you can combine your holiday in Milos with a visit to the rest of the neighboring islands.
In Adamantas harbor a modern jetty has been created giving you the possibility to supply yourselves with water, fuel, free internet connection, to go shopping, buy drinks, ice etc. There are also restaurants, taverns, cafeterias, busses, taxis for tours on the island and there is access to health services (community clinic).

Alternatively we suggest you anchor:
In Saint Demitrios bay, south of Milos, as it offers good protection from the yearly winds. In Pollonia, located in the south side of the Milos-Kimolos Narrows, precisely after Cape Pelekouda. (Attention to the islets on the north and on the south of the entry). In Voudia bay, which stretches almost 1 mile southeast of Pollonia.: You can anchor in a depth of 5-8 meters, in the north angle of the bay or northwest in Psilonisi to be protected from the yearly winds. In Provatas, a big, two-headed bay in the south side of Milos and in Axivadolimni, it is ideal [to anchor] only when the weather is good. In Rivari, a closed bay in the southwest side of Milos’s bay. The depth to anchor reaches 3-4 meters and we recommend it as a refuge from the south winds. In the northwest side of Emporio bay, which is a big bay in the west of Milos gulf, open from east-northeast.
In order to learn windsurfing, on the island the Naval Group of Milos is open in summertime. There, the participants are taught windsurfing in Optimist and Laser type boats.

Additional Info
Manager: Naval group of Milos - Kavalieros Iakovos
Phone: +30 22870 23787, +30 22870 28139

Scuba diving

Milos is an island of a rare, wild beauty even at the bottom of the sea.

The numerous underwater caves, the wreckages from the Second World War and even prior to it, the shoals ending in waters with a great gathering of fish, the hot springs with the distinctive micro-societies they create and the rare species living on the island’s seabed (seals, blackfish, lobsters etc.) are some of the reasons that make scuba diving in Milos a unique experience. The two diving schools of the island have modern equipment and await you to help you explore the spectacular places.


Milos, due to its volcanic geology, is an extremely rich “ fishing spot”. The shallows, the caves and its rocky shores are natural habitants for a big variety of fishes. Fishing on a boat or from ashore, and underwater fishing in the Melian waters will surely be a unique joyful experience.
The island, just like every Cycladic island, is the perfect place for fishing. You can either go underwater fishing or go fishing with nets, trawl-lines, fishing with trolling, angling or fishing with fishing-rods. The fishes vary depending on the season and the place, whereas the rest of the Melian fauna is extremely rich including many fish species (red mullets, pandoras, dorados, sargos, saddled breams, black breams, tunnies) and even octopuses, squids, cuttlefish, lobsters.
Below we suggest a tour to places ideal for fishing:
In Akradies located in the north side of the island there are beautiful caves and shoals, but the waters there are deep and abrupt and that’s why those who decide to go spearfishing there have to be very experienced fishermen. In these islets apart from blackfish and sargos you can also find rays, lychees and lobsters.
In the Capes of Lakida and Spilas and in Filoti: There are many shoals and traganas where plenty of fish gather. Facing Filoti there are Glaronisia, which are small barren islands perfect for spearfishing and for fishing with nets.
In Polonia: On the open sea from Polonia and heading towards Kimolos there are plenty of shoals in relatively minor depths, many of which are located in 10 or 15 meters below sea level. The area is full of caves and slabs with a lot of blackfish, scaros, sargos and lychees.
In Adamantas, thanks to its shallow and clear waters, you can go fishing very often using different techniques and the place is perfect for amateurs in spearfishing and for those who like fishing with flying-lines.
In Antimilos or Erimomilos, which is a cone-shaped barren islet around which the waters are dark and very deep: 100 meters from the shore, the water depth is 200-220 fathoms deep. But the shores are not vertical in depth and thus there are depths of 10-20meters accessible to those who go spearfishing. This is usually the case passing the 20 meters in depth, the depth increases continually in an angle of approximately 45 degrees.
In entire Antimilos there are countless of dry caves, slabs, traganas and trokadas and a lot of fish species such as blackfish, sargos, lobsters, lychees, rays, tunas, octopuses, red mullets, pandoras, cods and much more. Milos, due to its volcanic geology, is an extremely rich “ fishing spot”. The shallows