Milos Beaches

Agios Dimitrios
It is located on the western edge of the gulf and its only accesible by boat. At Agios Dimitrios you will meet bright blue water, a small beach and a beautifull chapel.

It is the biggest beach of the island with a snow-white coast and navy blue shallow waters.There, you will find an organized camping and the beach is accessible by bus, too. It was named after the lake that exists in the opposite side which is full of clams.Achivadolimni or Chivadolimni is divided into two beaches: the first is more quiet and isolated, whereas the second is more frequent, organized and there are a beach-bar and restaurants. The beach is the ideal choice for the lovers of surfing and kite-surfing.

The nearest beach to the port of Adamantas with clear waters and many tamarisks for natural shade. The big beach is yellow-white and it is organized.

Passing by the beach of Fatourena and Rivari you will find a picturesque harbor, an old commercial harbor and a beach, a few rooms to let and a traditional tavern.

This beach is quite big in size and it is located 1km east of Adamantas and it has been awarded with the blue flag by the European Union since 1993.
It is full of tamarisks, parasols and deck-chairs, a restaurant and a volley court . It is the ideal beach for children as the waters there deepen quite slowly, whereas simultaneously it is one of the beaches with the most calm waves in the island.

From Chivadolimni following the central road you get to Aghia Marina. Then, descending on the earth-road towards the sea there is a quiet blue beach viewing the entire port. The “Rivari” lagoon is located nearby.